Building Hex Beam antenna

10th of September of 2022 / Building 101 DTU, PRG, Lyngby


In the past months we have been working on the installation of a HF antenna at the roof of the 101 Building, but we need some help from you to finish the installation, the last step is to build the antenna in the mast and raise it to the top. In this activity you will learn the basic elements of a HF antenna, how to install a antenna, and the most important, we will finally be able to transmit in HF.

The antenna is a Hex Beam antenna that is almost 7 meters long, so we will need help to place it on place. This project will let us to transmit if HF Bands and participate in contests. The antenna is a bit directive and it can be controller through a azimuth rotor, that is already installed and tested.

Link of the facebook event


13:00-13:15 Presentation of the assistants
13:15-14:45 Setup the antenna
14:45-15:00 Test the result


After the event is common to continue the chat in the PRG and do networking.


Place: PRG, DTU building 101 E, 1 floor, room 116C, Anker Engelunds Vej 1, Lyngby.

Date: 10 of September of 2022

Time: from 13:00 to 15:00